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Log In Instructions


Newly admitted students: Your MYFAID ID will be provided on the instruction page for activating your MYFAID account. Please note: Having access to MYFAID is independent of your application for admission. Access to MYFAID should not be construed as providing any indication of the likelihood of admission.

Current students: Your MYFAID ID is your HUID.


If you are a new applicant, please click on First Time User link. You will be required to answer two questions to verify your identity and will then be able to choose your own password. 

If you were admitted in a prior year and deferred your admission, your password remains the same as you established previously. You are not considered a new user.

If you have forgotten your password, you can use the Forgot Your Password link. If you are still unable to login, please contact your Admissions & Financial Aid counselor for assistance.


If you encounter any issues accessing your account, please contact your Admissions & Financial Aid counselor.

Login Attempt Limit

You are limited to five login attempts. After five attempts, you will need to contact your Admissions & Financial Aid counselor for assistance.

Do Not Copy and Paste

When entering your MYFAID ID, password, or answers to challenge questions, do not copy and paste your reponses as copying and pasting introduces invisible formatting characters that invalidates your responses. Please manually type in your information.